Monday, February 15, 2010

Good News!

In my last blog I set a goal to try and cook one new recipe a week. Well, I'm happy to say that I did it last week and I have already done it this week (let me remind you that it is only Monday). Last week, I cooked fried rice for the first time. It was an easy recipe rice plus green onions plus scrambled eggs. I bought fried rice seasoning from the grocery store. (Next time I'm going to try the Ramen noodle seasoning packets my friends have suggested...remember I'm a college student on a budget)!! Anyways, I'm so proud of myself for that recipe. (Remember, I'm starting easy!)

Last week, while I was getting ready for class, I saw Emeril cooking "Sauteed Chicken Breasts with Dijon Herb Sauce" on Good Morning America. It looked so good that I went out and bought the extra stuff I needed to make it right away (I know the impulse buying thing is really a weakness of mine). Well, Jesse ended up bringing me home dinner so, I did not cook it. Tonight, though, I was really in the mood to cook (and those of you who know me know that this is not common for me). I cooked this recipe tonight and it was pretty good. It looked just like the picture and I followed the recipe completely so I'm thinking that maybe it was just my taste. It wasn't as good as I thought it would be but, it is a rather healthy dish (290 calories per serving I think) which is definitely an added bonus. Overall I would give it a 4 out of 5. If you think it looks good, try it, and let me know what you think!

You know I had to have something to go with it and what better idea than to try another new recipe. I have recently discovered the Pioneer Woman website ( I cooked her "Homemade Potatoes Au Gratin" and this dish made up for what the chicken dish lacked. Oh my was so good!!! I think I outdid myself (if I do say so myself). It reminded me of the wonderful comfort food my Grandmother Murell cooks. I thought all hope was lost for my cooking skills but, I think that I have hope after all.

Maybe blogging about my cooking journey is a good idea after all! Keep following...we will see.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

For the Love of Food...

So, one of my goals this year is to improve my cooking skills. I feel like I have done a pretty good job so far but, I feel like I need to be more committed to the process. I have actually cooked more new recipes over the holidays and this new year than I probably ever have. I have found out that I really enjoy cooking and, I am not that bad at it. It is a really great way to save money (if you don't go too extreme with your recipes...which trust me, I don't). One of my best recipes that I have made recently was White Chocolate Oreo Cream Cheese balls. I did these for Jesse's family Christmas gathering and I also made some for gifts for some of my family. They are so easy and are a great holiday treat. I also recently made cupcakes (before you get excited...they were from a box) and, I got some remarks that they looked professional (you can imagine my thrill...they were iced and sprinkled with hearts). In terms of dinner I haven't really tried that many new recipes. I usually stick to easy dinners like tacos, spaghetti, and hot dogs. Honestly, though, Jesse and I are beginning to get REALLY bored with these dinner selections. My problem is that I get really excited about cooking new things and then I overwhelm myself so I don't cook anything at all and then we eat out and spend money that we don't need to spend and you can see how ths vicious cycle begins (and continues). So, I am now trying a new approach...I am shooting for ONE NEW RECIPE A WEEK! Surely, I can manage this. This week, the new recipe I am trying is fried rice! Maybe blogging my committment will actually help me stick to it. I hope so! I'll report back...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Do Unto Others, Karma, What Goes Around Comes Around

I had a unique experience this weekend that I think is worth sharing. As my friends and I were getting out of our car in downtown Hattiesburg a man stopped. He was well spoken, dressed well, and told us a long story about how he locked his keys in his car and the police refused to come and unlock his car. He called roadside assistance and he didn't have enough money to pay them. There's really no way for me to convey the way the guy told this story. He asked for the amount of money that he needed to pay the roadside assistance. I quickly handed over the money. Now, some of you may say that I'm a sucker, push over, or just plain out stupid. I agree, it was not necessarily the most logical decision especially considering that I am completely broke right now. Also, I had absolutely no clue whether or not this guy honestly needed the money. I, however, have this philosophy that if you give to people in good faith then, it will come back around to you. It is also my hope that if I were in a situation like this gentleman described to me that someone would help me out as well. That being said, I gave the guy money, he accepted graciously, and I watched him walk out of sight.

Like I said before, Jesse and I are pretty broke right now...nothing serious just young college students on a very limited income. The next night after I gave this man the money we went out to dinner with some of our friends. One of my friends Mom's was so gracious to pay for both mine and Jesse's dinner. I know this sounds really silly but, it is just proof to me that no good deed goes undone...what goes around comes around...there is karma...and we should "do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

I realize that some of you may be reading this thinking that I am really stretching this here and, you are entitled to that. It is, however, my small effort at recognizing the little blessings in this world. I am thankful that I was able to be a part of both the giving and receiving end.

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Thankful Heart

Tomorrow will be one month since I last blogged. I love blogging but, I am not that great at keeping up with it yet. (Maybe a New Year's Resolution...among others). In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, I decided it would be a good idea to reflect on what I am thankful for in my life. As I am getting older, I realize all the small and great things I am so very thankful for in my life. In no particular are just a few of the things I am thankful for:

-Salvation through Jesus Christ

-Family, who each in their own way has helped make me who I am today

-Our troops...fighting everyday to protect mine and everyone else's freedom

-Good health

-The chance to get an education


-Friends, near and far

-Jesse, my love

-Music, without it my life would be so very different

-God's work on Earth...rain storms, sunrises, sunsets, beaches, mountains, leaves & trees

In all these ways AND MORE my life has been blessed beyond measure. May God Bless all my friends and family members...Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Playing Catch Up...

-I'm sitting down today to try and update my blog. This school year has gotten off to such a busy start and here we are at the end of October...just crazy! My school year is going great so far. Graduate school is very challenging but, I love every second of it. I am so thankful for the opportunity and I think that the program is really preparing me to make a difference in the lives of the people that I work with.
-I've been moved to one of the 2-year old classes at work (for my assistantship) and I actually really like it. I did not think that I would work well with kids that were so young but, I have really learned a lot and am loving them. Kids are amazing...they are so smart to have such little life experience. They are quick learners and the 2-year olds I work with repeat EVERYTHING! They are so cute.
-Jesse has recently gotten a new job with our apartment complex. He is working full time here andwe are able to spend a lot more time together instead of him working so many long nights. We are both very excited about that!
-I was able to go home (to GA) during my Fall Break for the first time in ten months. My family had visited me but, I had not been home since Christmas. It was wonderful. I was so glad to see everyone and just be school free for a few days. I got to go watch my little cousin (not so little anymore) play football for his senior night at high school. It seriously brought tears to my eyes to see how much he had grown and to see the polite young man he is becoming. My other cousin (also not so little anymore - 15 yrs old) surprised me by riding with my aunt and Granny to come get me in Hattiesburg so, I got to spend time and catch up with her, too. I also saw my brother who now towers over me (although I realize that doesn't take much) and is Mr. Indepenent 18-year old. I remember that stage of my life. I thought I knew everything and did not need to listen to anyone...boy was I wrong! Needless to say, I can't wait to go back home for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
-I still have a lot to do in between now and the end of the semester but for now, those are the upates.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Football Frenzy!

There is just nothing like football here in the South. This week/weekend was the official start of football season. Honestly, if you don't live in the South it is hard to understand the obsession with football (and I do mean OBSESSION)! I attended my first Southern Miss game this Saturday. It was a blow out with a final score of 52-0 vs. Alcorn State. There are some things that the football atmosphere brings that you just can't get anywhere else.If you're a football fan, you know what I mean, you gotta love...tailgating...the entrance of the team into the stadium...the sound of the band...the game day cheers...and especially taking home a win.
There are three teams I am especially following this season.
-Troy Trojans (my alma mater)
-Southern Miss Golden Eagles (my current school)
-The University of Alabama (well, need I say more)

So...GO Trojans! Go Eagles! and ROLL TIDE ROLL!!

So here's to a great 2009 football season!